Inspiration in Reflections

Written by photographer and artist Julie Smith, Chic in Myrtle Beach

Reflections are everywhere.

It really doesn’t matter the weather or time of day … you can still find them.

As Water Reflects the Face, So One’s Life Reflects the Heart, Proverb

Inspiration in Reflections, inspiration and photography by Julie Smith, Chic in Myrtle Beahc.
Myrtle Beach State Park Pier Reflections.

The Beauty You See in Me is a Reflection of Yourself

Once you become aware of them and start seeking them out,

the world around you … and your imagination … begins to open.

Myrtle Beach State Park Horse Ride Reflections, South Carolina

Everything in Your Life is a Reflection of a Choice You Have Made

Challenge your creativity and look for them in unexpected places.

14th Avenue Pier Reflections, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Press Pause and Simply Take Time to Think and Wonder

Reflections can be found in the most delightful places!

Waccamaw River Memorial Bridge Reflections, Conway, South Carolina.

Time Spent on Self-reflection is Never Wasted

There’s something magical in reflections …

they can instantly change your mood from bright and cheery to dark and somber.

The Cypress Inn Reflections, Conway, South Carolina

Reflection is a Deeper Form of Learning

The end of the day is always a beautiful time for reflection!

Myrtle Beach State Park Sunset Reflections, South Carolina

I hope you found a bit of inspiration and as always,

thank you for following along today!

See you on the beach!

💙 Julie

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